Oman 2040 Vision: Your Vision, Our Vision.

Under the leadership of His Majesty Sultan Haitham bin Tarik -may Allah protect and preserve him- we are heading towards a new era for Omanis all around the Sultanate as we strive to claim our place within global landscape by achieving a diversified and a sustainable national economy through an ambitious roadmap and a turning point, through Oman 2040 Vision. In addition, this vision is our gateway to attract and seize economic opportunities, foster competitiveness, promote the citizen’s well-being and tackle challenges. Since the launch of the 2040 Vision document, our organization has been embedding the vision’s objectives and aspirations in every plan and strategy to ensure that we are heading towards the same goal together. Which is why I would like to shed light on this aspiring vision and our contributions to help our country achieve the objectives of Vision 2040.

The National Priorities of 2040:

In line with the Royal Directives of the late Sultan Qaboos -may his soul rest in peace- the Oman 2040 vision has been a reference for planning the coming two decades. The roadmap of 2040 vision includesfour main themes: A competitive economy, A society of creative individuals, A responsible state agency and An environment with sustainable components. These themes cover a number of national priorities that reshape and rebuild some roles and relations between different sectors in Oman to build a competitive economy based on knowledge and innovation. In addition, the vision which seeks to join the world’s developed countries was built through a number of stages with a heavy engagement from the Omani society aiming to listen to the citizens’ needs and requirements who are, at the end of the day, the vision’s essence.

The Omani government is committed to achieve the Oman 2040 Vision priorities through five-year plans, in which His Majesty Sultan Haitham bin Tarik -may Allah protect and preserve him- has given a great attention to the precreation of the 10th Five Year Plan (2021-2025), the first implementation plan of the vision.

Why Visions Matter?

In general, visions create energy, inspire action and allow us to imagine the future we want. In addition, a powerful vision gives us purpose and meaning and it helps in connecting ideas, people and resources together and provides one clear direction for everyone to move forward to. In an era of globalization, a nation’s vision needs to be built up by looking forward and this is how our 2040 vision was created, by the people for the people’s wellbeing and prosperity.

Therefore, for the coming 19 years, we need to constantly remind ourselves and the upcoming generations that our actions matter more than ever, each one of us has a pivotal role in the route to 2040. As a translation of His Majesty’s vision, we need to work on increasing our capacity of innovation and continue to grasp the key future skills and enhance the use of technologies to help us in moving forward faster. Moreover, we need to focus on the sectors that would create more impact, invest in the main industries and follow the latest trends to be able to adhere to the vision’s directions.

Our contribution:

At MHD LLC, we aim to affirm the harmony between the nation’s objectives and our business objectives and goals to contribute in achieving 2040 vision’s aspirations by introducing a culture of innovation in different business aspects and initiatives. Furthermore, we’ve been investing and contributing to the vision’s areas in many ways, to list a few:

  • Youth Empowerment and Skills Development :
    we firmly believe that the youth of Oman are today’s energy and tomorrow’s leaders, therefore, in our economic inclusion strategy we have been creating employment opportunities and on the job trainings as well as investing in their capabilities through Mohsin Haider Darwish Training Institute to ensure that our young generation is equipped with the right set of skills, attitudes, and work ethics to turn Oman 2040 vision into a reality. Also, we focus on talent development and enhance our employees’ leadership skills in different entities.
  • Sustainability and Green Economy:
    one of the key pillars of Oman 2040 vision “an environment with sustainable components” and as we, in MHD, realize the importance of sustainable growth, we have been venturing into sustainable businesses as part of our green investments in solar panel projects and other eco-friendly projects that lead to sustainability.

Additionally, in my personal and professional capacity, I seek to contribute in transitioning Oman from an oil-based economy to an economy that is driven by innovation and knowledge and to have our country among the world’s most developed nations. I aim to achieve this by catalysing growth and having an active role in meeting the tenth five-year development plan’s goals.

Our future is being shaped by us, the Omani people, so remember that every step you take counts and every role you play is paving the way for new beginnings and new achievements for Oman’s vision, your vision and our vision. Let’s join hands and move forward with confidence towards 2040, towards greater prosperity.