Youth Empowerment for A Better Tomorrow

To build a better tomorrow, encouraging and nurturing the young seeds of today is a top priority.

Today’s youth matter abundantly and our biggest focus should be helping them hone their creativity, ambitions and innovation. These are essential life skills that help everyone navigate through shifts inherent in our modern world and the unknowns of the future. And today more than ever, our ambitious youth are ready to work and create innovatively.

With full confidence, I have faith in the young generations because they are shaping the future significantly with their fresh ideas, tech-savvy skills, innovative creations and many more characteristics and traits that can help our society grow stronger, united and filled with passion. This is just one of the various ways in which youth empowerment will help to build a better tomorrow.

Empowering youth is an effective strategy that remarkably strengthens any company's overall operations and growth. I believe that engaging with youth gives you the opportunity to listen to their new perspectives and learn new things especially from those who are yearning to perfect their vocation.

As adults, we need to give youth the right set of tools to be able to explore, experiment and discover their full potential to create their own visions and set goals to positively impact their lives. Youth empowerment results in a better society.

To be able to empower youth more, we need to look at it as the opportunity that enables young people to gain the ability and authority to make better decisions and implement change in their own lives, as well as the lives of people around them.

We can empower youth by helping them identify, utilize, and maximize their capabilities. We can also assist them in developing their soft skills, and furthermore, encourage them to share their challenges and allow us to help them in overcoming them.

We need to always remind ourselves that when youth are “empowered,” they will have the skills, critical awareness, and opportunities to positively impact their own lives and the lives of other individuals, organizations, and communities.

To truly empower youth, societies have to be very intentional about the way youth are incorporated into communities and organizations. As we eventually give them more space to explore, discover as well as develop their skills and strength points. They will also grow to be more responsible and self-reliant in making decisions while considering how their words and actions may affect other people, which is bound to make them even more aware of themselves and the world. A sense of direction eventually develops as it enables them to discover their true interests and learn how to follow their purposes.

As a businesswoman and a leader, I always seek ways to contribute and help shape youth empowerment in my society. By looking through youth’s eyes I see the future, I see what could be and what is expected of young people.

Experience develops with time, and with time, they develop as well. They should be encouraged and given the opportunity to exhibit their ideas and skills. They are truly valuable to organizations, communities and to us as they will build a better tomorrow as they are full of incredible and immense energy.

I fully trust in youth empowerment and will continue to instill encouragement to our youth for a better tomorrow and beyond. In fact, youth today, is a major resource for not only economic development but for social change as well.