Graduated from Sultan Qaboos University in Computer Science


Family Business

Joined Mohsin Haider Darwish LLC



Duqm United Logistics



Areej Vegetable Oils & Derivatives SAOC


Board member

Unicef Leadership circle


Mohsin Haider Darwish LLC





Board of Directors (2022-2026)

Oman Chamber of Commerce & Industry

Board member

Sultan Qaboos University – The College of Engineering Industrial Advisory


Committee Member

SQU - College of Science


Latest Updates

Visit to Omani British Business Council London

Pleased to connect with a group of exceptional individuals during a visit to the Omani British Business Council in London. An enriching opportunity to meet Mr. Chris Breeze, the Chairman of Omani British Business Council with Mr. Saleh Al Zakwani....

Visit to Omani Embassy London

Pleased to visit the Omani Embassy in London with a group of Omani businesswomen. It was a privilege to meet Mr. Faris Jamal Khodr, Head of Political and Economic Section at the Embassy of the Sultanate of Oman in the UK. Delighted to meet Ms. Arw...

UK Oman Business Forum

To strengthen ties between Omani and British businesses, the Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industry in collaboration with the Omani embassy in the UK hosted the Oman-British Business Forum. The Forum provided a platform for communication and sharin...

Opening of Mandarin Oriental

Under the patronage of HH Sayyid Theyazin bin Haitham al Said, Minister of Culture, Sports and Youth, I was honored to attend the opening ceremony of the Mandarin Oriental Muscat Hotel. The opening is a significant milestone for Oman's tourism. I...

OCCI Jubilee celebration

Under the patronage of HH Sayyid Theyazin bin Haitham Al-Said, Minister of Culture, Sports and Youth, the OCCI celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Chamber's establishment, the "Golden Jubilee”. At the Golden Jubilee ceremony, the OCCI sho...

Art exhibition

Honored to be the patron of the art exhibition opening at Sarh Al Jaameah Private School. An outstanding exhibition by the school; delighted to see the outstanding artwork on display at the art exhibition.

Future of Higher Education Institutions Forum

Education is key to unlocking a brighter future and vital for progress of a nation.  I was pleased to attend the Future of Higher Education Institutions Forum, a gathering of prominent leaders organized by the Royal Academy of Management alon...

Autism Spectrum Disorder Art Exhibition

The National Autism Center's work in empowering individuals with autism and nurturing their talents is commendable. Delighted to attend The Autism Spectrum Disorder Art Exhibition that was held under the patronage of HH Sayyida Meyyan Al Said, and...

Real Estate Conference

Under the patronage of HE Abdulsalam Al Murshidi, President, Oman Investment Authority, I had the honor of attending the real estate conference at the kind invitation of the Ministry of Housing and Urban Planning. I was pleased to know more about...

Dar al atta Exhibition

Dar Al Atta’a is a leading force in charity work, making a real difference in people's lives.. Delighted to attend the opening of the 25th edition of Dar Al Atta’a annual charity exhibition organized by Dar Al Atta’a and held und...

Forbes Middleast Top 100 Arab Family Businesses 2024

Family businesses play an important role in promoting economic growth and social development in the Middle East. Honored to have Mohsin Haider Darwish LLC in the Forbes Middle East Top 100 Arab Family Businesses 2024 list. Proud to carry forward o...

Arab Women's Summit

London Arabia organization hosted it's first annual Arab Women’s Summit in conjunction with the Arab Women of the Year Awards in London.

At the kind invitation of the London Arabia Organization, I was honored to attend the Arab W...

Arab Women of the year awards

Arab Women of the Year Awards, organized by London Arabia Organization honored Arab women from diverse backgrounds for their outstanding achievements across various fields.

I was delighted to attend The Arab Women of the Year Awards cer...

London Arabia Organization Reception

At the invitation of the London Arabia Organization, I was delighted to meet a wonderful group of women from across the Arab world. An enchanting evening with a gathering of inspirational women who have a played a pivotal role in shaping the futur...

OCCI Meeting

In the presence of HH Al Sayyid Dr Adham Al Said and a number of their highnesses and excellencies, we were pleased at the OCCI to organize a program related to partnerships in collaboration with the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Investment P...

Kuwait National Day

Upon a kind invitation from HE the Kuwaiti Ambassador, Dr. Mohammed Nasser Al-Hajri and his wife, I was pleased to attend a reception ceremony on the occasion of the 63rd anniversary of independence and the 33rd anniversary of liberation of Kuwait...

Forbes Top 10 Most Powerful Businesswomen leading Family Businesses

Honored to be part of Forbes' top 10 Most Powerful female entrepreneurs in family businesses across the MENA region. Pleased to see Mohsin Haider Darwish LLC amongst the prominent family businesses in the MENA region. Looking forward to achieving...

Meeting with HH Gaj Singh II, Maharaja of Jodhpur

During a personal visit to the Republic of India, I had the pleasure of meeting HH Gaj Singh II, Maharaja of Jodhpur and a prominent political figure in India.  It was wonderful to meet and have enriching discussions with HH Gaj Singh II.

OCCI Businesswomen Forum

Under the patronage of HH Dr. Mona Fahad Al Said, Assistant V.C. for International Cooperation at SQU, we were delighted, in the Businesswomen's Committee of OCCI, to organize a businesswomen's forum attended by a large group of business leaders a...

AI Summit

Under the patronage of HH Dr. Kamil Fahad Al Said, I had the pleasure of attending the Oman AI Summit organized by the OCCI; alongside esteemed personalities, including HH Sayyida Hujaija Jaffar Al Said and Khaula Hamoud Al Harthy. The AI summit w...


Delighted to participate in Beban Program’s third season, being the first collaborative investment platform between the public and private sectors regionally. It focuses on entrepreneurship and offers investment opportunities for innovative...

Dawan platform Inauguration

Under the patronage of HH Dr. Kamil Bin Fahad Al Said, I was pleased to attend the inauguration ceremony of the national platform "Dawam" and support its objective of enhancing freelancing opportunities for Omani talents in various economic sector...


Always Learning

Areej Mohsin Darwish believes in the mind-set of learning continuously to further expand her skill set in response to a changing environment and new developments.

Most importantly, she sees committing to the concept of lifelong learning as the most effective way of succeeding as an entrepreneur.

She is continuously learning while working closely with a team of professionals to run various divisions thus remaining a true encouragement to her staff and always inspiring them to produce new and better processes regardless their role in the company.

Focus on Oman 2040

Areej Mohsin Darwish is determined to bring added values and accomplish Oman’s 2040 vision to stimulate growth and build social, economic, and developing relations, to focus on innovation and knowledge, infrastructure, logistics, education system, learning and scientific research.

This vision seeks to catapult the Sultanate into the ranks of the world’s most developed nations with economic diversification and sustainable development as key features.

Under the visionary leadership of Late HM Sultan Qaboos, Oman has achieved remarkable progress and prosperity in every sector of the economy and Areej is confident that under the visionary leadership of His Majesty Sultan Haitham bin Tarik, Oman is on the path of renewed Renaissance and will continue to make rapid progress in the future.

Family First

Apart from being a successful and enterprising business leader, Areej Mohsin Darwish is an extremely dedicated and focused mother.

Women tread a thin line as they have to balance their work and family life.

As a woman, she sees the necessity of balancing her work and family life accordingly and that both should be kept independent in order to maintain a work-life balance. It is essential to set the right priorities between the two.

She believes that women need to strike a balance with the different roles in their lives as they play a significant role in shaping a family and by extension, a society.

Caring Leadership

Areej Mohsin Darwish is an active member of UNICEF Leadership Circle to empower the youth and enhance their skills and education. She is also a committed member of Dar Al Atta, a charitable organization which works to uplift people with various initiatives running around the year. She has also spearheaded Khair Al Wafi campaign to build a better future for orphans.

As an entrepreneur, her dedication to nurturing talent through inclusive opportunities, and giving back to the community through CSR initiatives are her core tenets.

A Role Model

Areej Mohsin Darwish is an outstanding example of successful women’s empowerment and an inspiration to all industry peers. She is the epitome of leadership and professional management. Her relentless pursuit for excellence and determination to excel have made her one of the most prolific business leaders in the Sultanate of Oman.

Future Vision

Areej Mohsin Darwish’s efforts to foresee the future, and understand the trends and initiatives launched by the best global practices assist her in looking ahead and eventually come up with initiatives for the benefit of individual and institutional performance and the mechanisms applied to achieve a leading role in the region.

She also focuses on setting an effective vision and direction for the organization. She is constantly striving to motivate her employees so that they work collectively as a group towards a common goal.

Her initiatives of doing something new and different for the purpose of creating wealth for the individual and adding value to society lead her to a roadmap marked for success and a developed sharp vision about the future.

Power of Positivity

Areej Mohsin Darwish maintains a positive attitude and always thinks about the opportunities of tomorrow rather than focusing on the challenges of the past.

Being positive & having an open mindset is the key to sustainable growth. She is positive and adept in dealing with challenges and difficulties to eventually overcome them at the workplace. As a leader, she is open to learning from different experiences at all given times.

Her ability to work effectively in a team and her initiative to help others and her positive impact on them results in the employees’ keenness to develop communication skills and ability to communicate effectively.

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Representation & Mentorship


    Council Member - Arab African Council for Integration & Development (AACID)

    Oman-India Friendship Association

    Oman-Turkey Friendship Association

    Omani-Qatari Business Council Association

    Omani-Kuwait Friendship Association


    Board Member - Siraj Foundation

    Member - Children First Association

    Board Member, UNICEF


    Board of Directors - Oman Chamber of Commerce & Industry (2022-2026)

    Chairperson – Oman Egyptian Council

    Chairperson, Duqm United Logistics

    Chairperson, Areej Vegetable Oils & Derivatives


    Committee Member - Sultan Qaboos Unviersity - College of Science

    Board Member - Sultan Qaboos University – The College of Engineering Industrial Advisory

    Board Member, Muscat University